In 2019 the new Building of the Institute of Letters and Arts was inaugurated, providing a physical structure of excellence for the Graduate Program in Letters (PPGL). In the new building, the teachers have a greater number of permanence rooms (all located on the 1st floor) and the centers (Laboratories) are located on the ground floor. PPGL has also a meeting room with ample space and multimedia resources, used for Master's and Doctorate’s meetings, events and vivas, and an auditorium for academic and cultural events, as well as spaces for socializing. The administration of the PPGL has two rooms: Secretary and Coordination Rooms. The assistance to the public, professors and students is carried out by the secretary Isabel Faria, a technical and administrative assistant at the institution. The Graduate Program in Letters at FURG has the following laboratories:

    1) Literary Research Center

    2) Canadian Studies Center (NEC)

    3) Center for Studies in English Language and Literature (NELLI)

    4) Portuguese Language Studies Center (NELP)

    5) Hispanic Studies Center (NEHISP)

    6) Phonetics Laboratory (LABFONO)

    7) Salle de Documentation (Documentation Room) Lyuba Duprat