The Graduate Program in Letters at the Federal University of Rio Grande has as general goals:

- Training researchers-teachers and promote the production of knowledge in the areas of History of Literature (the only course in the field offered in ​​the Southern Region of Brazil) and ​Language Studies.

- Providing teachers in the Letters field and other professionals who work with literature, language and related areas, a theoretical and applied research and study program, aiming at better qualification and integration with professionals in the area.


Coordinator: Adail Ubirajara Sobral, Ph.D.

Vice Coordinator: Mauro Nicola Póvoas, Ph.D.


Mauro Nicola Póvoas, Ph.D.

Sylvie Dion, Ph.D.

Rosely Diniz da Silva Machado, Ph.D.

Rubelise Cunha, Ph.D.

Valter Henrique de Castro Fritsch, Ph.D.


Coordinator :  Adail Ubirajara Sobral  Ph.D.

 Vice coordinator:  Mauro Nicola Póvoas Ph.D.

 Professors Representative:  Luciene Bassols Brisolara Ph. D. 

 Students Representative:  Lisiane Andriolli Danieli



The Graduate Program in Letters, Master in the Area of ​​History of Literature, had its implementation approved by Capes in the second semester of 2001, coming into effective operation from 2002. With the consolidation of the Master Course, which was graded 4 by CAPES, it was approved in 2011 and implemented in 2012 the Doctorate in the Area of ​​History of Literature. The performance and importance of the course in the region was consolidated, receiving evaluations with commendable references from CAPES as to its structure, functioning and regional and national impact, as it is the only Program with a specific Area of ​​Concentration in History of Literature in the Southern Region and it has social impact on the school system and on projects with the local community, such as the literary and press collections projects developed at Biblioteca Riograndense (a public library).

The area of ​​concentration in Language Studies of the Graduate Program in Letters at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) began in 2018, with the opening of the Master's course. The Master's course in Language Studies at FURG was created with a different profile from other courses in the region, since it presents in its original proposal a research link that seeks to focus on education. The proposal for the new concentration area brings together research lines and research groups interested in reflecting on the linguistic phenomena at their different levels of analysis, the relationship between language and the production of meaning, as well as the processes of acquisition, learning and teaching of languages.

Starting in 2021, after the consolidation of the Master’s course in Language Studies, the Graduate Program in Letters of Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) offers also a Doctorate in Language Studies, with the first admission in 2022.