School Cycle


The Graduate Program in Letters presents a semester-based academic cycle: 4 semesters for Master's Course and 8 semesters for Doctorate. Therefore, enrollment in subjects is carried out every six months. Students enroll in Mandatory and Elective subjects.


In the Master's Degree, a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) credits in subjects is fulfilled in the ​​Concentration Area of History of Literature with 9 (nine) mandatory credits and 15 (fifteen) credits in elective subjects. In the Concentration Area of Language Studies there are 6 (six) mandatory credits and a minimum of 18 (eighteen) credits in elective subjects. In addition, if there is interest, the master's students can enroll in other elective subjects, fulfilling several credits in addition to the minimum required by law. In this sense, the tendency to fulfill a number of credits higher than the minimum has been registered, which is attributed to: (a) the relevance of the subjects and themes covered by them, (b) the search, by the students, for solid and in-depth training, aiming at a demanding and competitive job market.


In the Doctorate in the ​​Concentration Area of History of Literature, the student needs to corse15 (fifteen) credits in elective subjects (if the twenty-four credits taken from the Master's course are used). These credits must be taken during the first three semesters of the course. If the candidate has not coursed the Master of Letters at FURG, the student will need to take the mandatory subjects Theory of History and Theory of History of Literature. As the doctoral student has fulfilled the credits in subjects, the candidate needs to submit the Doctoral Dissertation in preparation to the ‘Qualification Exam’.